Bloody Twist

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Carolina Garcia-Aguilera
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Hot-blooded Miami PI Lupe Solano has become "one of the genre's most formidable protagonists" (Chicago Tribune)-and her latest mystery proves that she's only getting better at discovering the truth behind the most heinous of crimes. Lupe Solano is back at work after a lengthy recovery following a gunshot wound. Almost immediately, Lupe's paramour-attorney Tommy MacDonald-drops a most unusual case in her lap. Tommy's client is the blonde and beautiful Madeline Meadows, who is Miami's most expensive call girl...and, somehow, also a medically-verified virgin. But now, several men have been murdered and Madeline's involvement with all of them appears to be the only thing tying the cases together. Lupe is tasked with investigating the deaths before the authorities can pin them on Madeline. It's not easy, since Lupe ends up having to contend with everything from Madeline's lowlife pimps to her borderline-psychotic pet Chihuahuas. She slowly begins to suspect that the purportedly pure prostitute is not what-or who-she appears to be. Unfortunately, those suspicions may place Lupe right in the crosshairs of a killer... Praise for Carolina Garcia-Aguilera "Private eye Lupe Solano has developed a snappy style." -New York Times "This is Garcia-Aguilera at her best. A former private investigator, she is expert at using Lupe's questions, hunches and dogged pursuit of the case to keep the mystery unfolding and the plot driving forward." -Miami Herald

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