The Black Moth

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Georgette Heyer
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The debut novel from the beloved New York Times-bestselling "Queen of the Regency Romance" (Lauren Willig). Accused of cheating at cards, Jack Carstares left England seven long years ago, sacrificing his honor for that of the actual culprit: his eldest brother. Disgraced, Jack turned his talents toward becoming a highwayman, an occupation he has no intention of giving up upon his return to his beloved South Country. Determined not to claim his title as the rightful Earl of Wyndham, Jack roams the countryside on horseback. Encountering his old adversary, the notorious Duke of Andover, also known as the Black Moth, Jack thwarts the attempted abduction of the lovely, dark-haired Diana Beauleigh. More determined than ever to have her, the duke continues to pursue Diana, but she is not about to surrender her virtue to him, having lost her heart to the mysterious outlaw who rescued her. If he can defeat the Black Moth for good, Jack may finally reclaim his honor-and bridge the gap between his tarnished past and his hope for Diana's hand . . . Written when Georgette Heyer was only seventeen, in an attempt to entertain her younger brother, this Georgian-era romance continues to captivate readers to this day.

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