Kinfolk: A Novel of China

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Pearl S. Buck
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A tale of four Chinese-American siblings in New York, and their bewildering return to their roots In Kinfolk, a sharp dissection of the expatriate experience, Pearl S. Buck unfurls the story of a Chinese family living in New York. Dr. Liang is a comfortably well-off professor of Confucian philosophy, who spreads the notion of a pure and unchanging homeland. Under his influence, his four grown children decide to move to China, despite having spent their whole lives in America. As the siblings try in various ways to adjust to a new place and culture, they learn that the definition of home is far different from what they expected. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Pearl S. Buck including rare images from the author's estate.

Edition Details ... This is a fabulous hardcover 1949 first edition, second printing copy of Kinfolk by Pearl S. Buck, the Pulitzer Prize winning author.

"I should like to pierce the mysteries of your soul.". ― Pearl S.