Into the Wilderness

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Sara Donati
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The first in Sara Donati's bestselling Wilderness series, this epic novel of love and adventure interweaves the fate of the Mohawk Nation with the destiny of two outsiders from different worlds.When Elizabeth Middleton leaves England to join her father and brother in a remote mountain village on the edge of the New York wilderness, she does so with a strong will and an unwavering purpose: to establish a school.It is December 1792 when she arrives in a cold climate unlike any she has ever experienced and meets a man unlike any she has ever encountered - a white man dressed like a Native American, tall and lean and unsettling in his honesty. He is Nathaniel Bonner, also known to the Mohawk people as 'Between-Two-Lives'.Determined to provide schooling for all the village children - white, black and Native American - Elizabeth is soon at odds with the slave owners, as well as her own father, who insists she marry local doctor Richard Todd. Such an alliance could save her father from financial ruin, but would call into question the ownership of Hidden Wolf, the mountain where Nathaniel, his father, and a small group of Native Americans live and hunt . . .'One of those rare stories that lets you breathe the air of another time, and leave your footprints on the snow of a wild, strange place' Diana Gabaldon

Founded in 2009, ITW seeks to dispel the myth that following Jesus is boring through outdoor adventure and experiential learning. From that austere beginning, we venture into the wilderness like Abraham, like Moses, like Elijah, and like Jesus. With ashes on our foreheads and mortality on our minds, we begin a hazardous journey inward, a journey to learn our true names, our true identities.

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