Olivia The Orchid Fairy

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Daisy Meadows, Georgie Ripper (Illustrator)
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The Petal Fairies have a very important job - together with their magic petals they help to make sure that flowers grow and bloom in the human world. But after Jack Frost sent his goblins to steal the magic petals in the hope they would help to grow flowers in his cold and dreary ice castle, the petals have ended up scattered in the human world. Rachel and Kirsty must help the Tia the Tulip Fairy, Pippa the Poppy Fairy, Louise the Lily Fairy, Charlotte the Sunflower Fairy, Olivia the Orchid Fairy, Danielle the Daisy Fairy and Ella the Rose Fairy to find their magic petals before the goblins get their hands on them. But this time Jack Frost has given the goblins a wand to help them - he's determined to get those petals before the fairies do, whatever it takes! The goblins are desperate to get Olivia the Orchid Fairy's magic petal back to Jack Frost. How will the girls overcome them this time?

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Can Rachel and Kirsty convince them to play nice in the ice? Find the magical petal in each book and keep Fairyland in full bloom! Product Details; About the Author; Product Details. ISBN-13: 9780545295918: Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.