Death By Beauty

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Gabrielle Lord
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A 'vampire' is stalking the streets, attacking beautiful young women; some are murdered days later, others aren't touched again. Gemma Lincoln, PI, begins to see a pattern and predicts which woman will be targeted next. But can she convince the police to take action? Meanwhile, at the salubrious Sapphire Springs Spa, a cosmetic surgery clinic that boasts the latest breakthrough in the search for eternal youth, clients are experiencing sudden onset depression and worse. Is the exclusive clinic involved in a lethal cover-up? While dealing with this brutal case, Gemma finds that her ex, Steve Brannigan, the father of her son Rafi, desperately needs her help. He is facing career destruction from a woman who also wants Gemma dead. As she moves closer to discovering the appalling truth about the murders, Rafi and Steve disappear. Confronting a mother's worst nightmare, Gemma realises what she is prepared to do to save her son... In DEATH BY BEAUTY Ned Kelly Award winner Gabrielle Lord shows that beauty may be skin deep but evil is rotten to the bone.

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Gabrielle Lord is widely acknowledged as one of Australia's foremost crime fiction writers. She is the author of fifteen adult novels, and her stories and articles have appeared widely in the national press and anthologies.