Weightloss Warrior

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Tiffany Hall
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From the hugely popular Biggest Loser series comes Weightloss Warrior a fun, fresh take on losing weight – it’s a ‘no-diet’ book detailing the importance of healthy eating, building a positive self-image and becoming your own expertly trained warrior within (to protect you from bad choices, help you kick bad habits and give you powerful self-defences). An easy-to-follow guide to long-lasting transformation from the ground up, Weightloss Warrior comes complete with tasty illustrated recipes as well as expert motivational advice and tried-and-tested weightloss strategies. Based around five chapters inspired by the coloured belts of Taekwondo, the book leads readers from white belt to black belt through a process that’s not simply turning over a new leaf but preparing the ground for a new self, planting the seeds of change, nurturing your new focus and glorying in growing a whole new you. This full-colour book will entice even reluctant readers to take up the challenge and win the battle within!

Exercise and workouts accompany this diet. The exercise is during the day when you are fasting to help burn fat.

Gastric Sleeve, Weight Loss Warrior The Warrior Diet rules This weight-loss plan doesn't require fasting completely. You eat very little for 20 hours a day, and then eat as much food as you'd like during a four-hour evening window,... Though the Warrior Diet is a good way to lose weight, it comes with its own set of cons.