Stargazy Pie

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Laura Lockington
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Almost any family looks odd from the outside. But the Stantons are odder than most... So when Poppy Hazleton finally succumbs to her boss Davey Stanton's plea that she join him and his family for Christmas, she has no idea what she's letting herself in for. But the invitation to spend Christmas in the country gets Poppy inextricably entangled in the family politics and convoluted machinations of a group of Cornish eccentrics who come complete with their own witch. And even once Poppy has started adjusting to roof races, thistle shooting and the Stantons' increasingly tangled intrigues over who gets to inherit the crumbling family pile, there's still her adolescent monkey to be dealt with. Not to mention the rather more tempting problem of Davey's gorgeous younger brother.

It is made with ingredients such as sardines, eggs, and potatoes. The heads of the fish poke out of the top in order to let the oils released in the cooking process flow back onto the dish, giving them the unusual appearance of gazing up at the stars, hence its name. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Slit and gut them and fill the cavities with chopped... Stargazey pie, however, is a Cornish dish that can startle some crowds—mainly because of the fish heads poking up out of the crust. Traditionally served during Tom Bawcock's Eve, a Christmastime... The history of Stargazy Pie would make a great action movie.