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Adam Fraser
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The average employee is interrupted every three minutes. Twenty-eight per cent of our day is spent recovering from distractions. The challenge we face is the way we transition between tasks, roles and environments for maximised performance.I refer to these roles, environments and different tasks as 'spaces'. We spend our day transitioning between different spaces. The First Space is the role/environment/task you are in right now; namely reading this book. The Second Space is the role/environment/task you are transitioning into, for example, you might be about to go into a sales conference, or have your annual performance review or take part in a parent-teacher conference.The Third Space is the transitional space in between the First and Second - and what we do in this transitional space will determine our level of success in the Second space.The Third Space delivers a series of effective tools in a simple, practical way. This framework is easy to slot into your life because it fits into an aspect of your life that you already know about but are not leveraging. The Third Space does not require you to turn your lifestyle upside-down, but rather alter something you are already doing. We each go through transitions countless times during the day, so you have ample opportunity to practise and implement the strategies in this book. The Third Space is a practical tool that has the potential to IMMEDIATELY change the quality of your relationships and business performance.

3rdspace utilises this purpose led approach to create and produce compelling, relevant content that involves the consumer and provokes ... Third Space focuses on Jesus. In his time on earth, whether during meals, having conversations, or walking along the road, Jesus created space for people to discover what true life was.

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