The Book of the Secrets of Prayer and its Requirements

The Book of the Secrets of Prayer and its Requirements - Imam Al-Ghazali | PDF, TXT, FB2. EPUB. MOBI. The book was written on 2021. Look for a book on


Imam Al-Ghazali
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This book describes the importance of prayer and its requirements.It describes what is essential for the disciple in terms of the external acts and its inner secrets of prayer, and revealing its refined hidden meanings in terms of humility, sincerity and intention.Praise be to Allah, Who submerged His slaves with His favours, and filled their hearts with the lights and duties of religion, whose descent from the throne of majesty to the nearest heaven is, of the degrees of mercy, one of His kindnesses. He is distinguished from kings, for all His unique majesty and grandeur, in urging His creation to ask and supplicate, for He says: ?? ?? ??? ??????? ?? ??? ?? ?????? ????? ?? Is there any who supplicates? so that I will answer him! and, Is there any who asks forgiveness? So that I will forgive him! He is distinguished from sultans by opening the door and lifting the veil, and permitting His slaves private communion, by the performances of Prayers however their circumstances may be, whether in congregations or alone. Moreover, He does not confine Himself to permission, but rather shows kindness by inspiring desire and calling. And besides him are from amongst the weak kings who do not permit private audience, except after the offering of a gift or a bribe. So glorious is he! How great his state, and strong His authority and perfect His kindness and universal his beneficence! And prayers and peace be upon Muhammad , His chosen Prophet and His chosen intimate, and upon his family and his Companions, keys of guidance and lamps in darkness.Lately, the subject of the veil in Islam has become an object of discussion and dispute upon which the mass media, especially the western ones, try to shed light. So, what is the veil in Islam, and what is the view on marriage and divorce?Is it the cover screening only the hair? Or it is the whole cover screening all the body with the face?What is the wisdom behind it? And what are the Quranic proofs (verses) that indicate it and decide its nature? The actual dialogue between the author and others is introduced in the book as a means to show the real views and misconceptions that exist.

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