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The award-winning and bestselling biography of Australia's only Nobel Prize-winner for Literature. 'I think this book should be called The Monster of All Time. But I am a monster . . .' Patrick White Patrick White, winner of the Nobel Prize and author of more than a dozen novels and plays - including Voss, The Vivisector and The Twyborn Affair - lived an extraordinary life. David Marr's brilliant biography draws not only on a wide range of original research but also on the single most difficult and important source of all: the man himself. In the weeks before his death, White read the final manuscript, which for richness of detail, authority and balance is stunning.Throughout his exciting narrative, Marr explores the roots of White's writing and unearths the raw material of his remarkable art. He makes plain the central fact of White's life as an artist: the homosexuality that formed his view of himself as an outcast and stranger able to penetrate the hearts of both men and women. Gracefully written and exhaustively researched, Patrick White is a biography of classic excellence - sympathetic, objective, penetrating and as blunt, when necessary, as White himself.

McCulloch. Patrick White's Novels and Nietzsche.

White was born in London to a family of Hunter River graziers and spent his youth between England and Australia, at one point returning from study abroad to work as a jackeroo. Patrick Victor Martindale White (1912-1990), author, was born on 28 May 1912 in London, elder child of New South Wales-born Victor (Dick) Martindale White, grazier, and his wife Ruth, née Withycombe, born in England but of a New South Wales family. His paternal grandfather was Francis White. Patrick White is widely regarded as Australia's most celebrated and most famous author, and remains Australia's first and only recipient of the Nobel Prize for literature. In 1953, Patrick White published an essay called The Prodigal Son.