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Margaret Mayhew
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Perfect for fans of Katie Flynn and Donna Douglas, a saga full of the heart-wrenching emotion and drama of World War II from bestselling author Margaret Mayhew. READERS ARE LOVING THE CREW! "I could not put the book down" - 5 STARS "Loved this book" - 5 STARS "Excellent! Highly recommended! Wonderful WWII story. Great character development." - 5 STARS "This book really has you never wanting to put it down until the end." - 5 STARS *********************************** THE HEROIC STORY OF SEVEN MEN...AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVED THEM. A crew of seven men in one Lancaster bomber: one American, one Scot, one foppish aristocrat, one Aussie, one aged London cockney, one semi blind mid-upper gunner and one seventeen year old who has lied to get into the air force. Initially they fail to get on or work together - almost crashing on their first landing. Yet, as they begin their first real gut-dropping bombing raids over Germany and despite their mixed backgrounds, they begin to develop as a real crew, depending on each other. Off the airfield, the women who love them pray every night for their safe return. A wonderful emotive, gripping, heart-wrenching novel of men, and women, at their best.

Four retired mobsters plan one last crime to save their retirement home. The Crew utilizes a scaled version of the United States as the game map that features a multitude of real life cities and towns. You have total open world freedom, or you can play missions, beat records on skills challenges and play friends in PVP races.

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