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Nikki Stafford is a godsend to Lost enthusiasts in particular and TV lovers in general. I've written about TV for several years and have always valued her opinion and insights on all things television. - Amanda Cuda Connecticut Post newspaper If you want to know your Benjamin Linuses from your Henry Gales or your John Lockes from your Jeremy Benthams let Nikki Stafford be your constant. Her writing reflects the insightfulness passion and humor of both the show and its fans. - Steve "The Shout" Dandy "Nik at Nite" contributor Since its premiere in 2004 Lost has gone from weird (polar bears in the jungle) to weirder (a man living in a bunker hitting a button every 108 minutes to "save the world") to just plain crazy (a large frozen wheel moving the island). And the fans love every minute of it. In the brilliant season 4 the outside world invaded the island and the Oceanic 6 were "rescued." And now . . . they're coming back. The pre-eminent source for fans Nikki Stafford's Finding Lost series - the only Lost books with a complete episode-by-episode guide - continues its exploration of the deeper meanings of the show. The book includes: an in-depth look at every episode of season 5 linking the events in the season to the early Lost years and adding highlights little-known facts and nitpicks chapters on the rules of time travel the smoke monster and that mysterious four-toed statue sidebars chronicling fun trivia such as Geronimo Jackson Star Wars references and Locke's injuries analysis of literary references such as The Little Prince Ulysses Y: The Last Man A Separate Reality and Everything That Rises Must Converge photos of the filming locations in Hawaii As the show heads into its much-anticipated final season Finding Lost provides enough background to put you leagues ahead of other viewers and help you "find" Lost .

The season continues the stories of the survivors of the crash of the fictional Oceanic Airlines Flight 815, after some of them are rescued and those still stranded ... Season 5 blew every Lost fan away with the intricacies, the plot twists and the fascinating insanity of Island life. Nikki's guide is the perfect "constant" to keep you on track.

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