The Castaways

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Elin Hilderbrand
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Secrets and lies can lurk beneath even the closest of relationships . . . From the outside, the close-knit circle of friends calling themselves 'the Castaways' share an idyllic lifestyle, blessed with money, children, beauty and love. But when Tess and Greg are killed in a tragic boating accident, orphaning their seven-year-old twins, it sends devastating shockwaves through the rest of the group. As the friends grieve, the truth behind their relationships gradually begins to emerge in a chain of staggering revelations. And for the first time they are forced to ask the hardest of questions. Can you live without the person who made you whole? And how do you mourn for a secret lover and a relationship nobody knew existed? ************** Praise for The Castaways 'An honest, raw tale of friendship and love' - Cosmopolitan 'A fab summer read' - The Bookbag 'Great fun, and with poignant moments too' - Kirkus ************** Further praise for Elin Hilderbrand 'A gritty and moving read that oozes plenty of drama' - Heat 'A gem of a summer read with a glamorous location, elite lifestyle, and Hilderbrand's appealing take on the constant stress that fills the lives of women everywhere' - Booklist 'This book was a great read - you really care what happens to the characters. Perfect holiday reading. I didn't want to put it down' - Candis 'Touching and uplifting' - U Magazine

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