Deliver Us From Evil

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David Baldacci
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Evan Waller is a monster. He has built a fortune from his willingness to buy and sell anything... and anyone. In search of new opportunities, Waller has just begun a new business venture: one that could lead to millions of deaths all over the globe. On Waller's trail is Shaw, the mysterious operative from The Whole Truth, who must prevent Waller from closing his latest deal. Shaw's one chance to bring him down will come in the most unlikely of places: a serene, bucolic village in Provence. But Waller's depravity and ruthlessness go deeper than Shaw knows. And now, there is someone else pursuing Waller in Provence - Reggie Campion, an agent for a secret vigilante group headquartered in a musty old English estate - and she has an agenda of her own. Hunting the same man and unaware of each other's mission, Shaw and Reggie will be caught in a deadly duel of nerve and wits. Hitchcockian in its intimate buildup of suspense and filled with the remarkable characters, breathtaking plot turns, and blockbuster finale that are David Baldacci's hallmarks, Deliver Us From Evil will be one of the most gripping thrillers of the year.

Documentary about Father Oliver O'Grady, a Catholic priest who was relocated to various parishes around the United States during the 1970s in an attempt by the Catholic Church to cover up his rape of dozens of children. DELIVER US FROM EVIL.2019.1080p.FHDRip.H264.AAC... Watch online Download Subtitles Searcher: 1CD 03/10/2020 23.976: 3302x srt: 0.0: 0: 6.8: Deliver Us from Evil (2020) Deliver Us from Evil 2020 1080p HDRip AAC H.264...

It surpassed 1.5 million ticket sales in four days of its release, and 2 million in its first weekend. On the eighth day of its release, the film passed the 2.5 million viewer mark. Deliver Us from Evil free online.