Valley Of Silence

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Nora Roberts
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The six members of the Circle are united at last - and prepared for the final battle. Led by sorcerer Hoyt Mac Cionaoith, they stand shoulder to shoulder with the local people of Geall. Together they must defeat the vampire queen Lilith and her army: or lose the world to her dark embrace. But one of the Circle is hiding a troubling secret. To lead her people into battle, Geall's scholar-princess Moira must follow her destiny and become their queen. But she must also deal with her growing feelings for Cian, the vampire - and a love as impossible and fraught with danger as the war they must face together . . .

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The ending kinda easily predicted, but if everybody happy in the end, why readers must complain? *grin* To read Valley of Silence, readers must read 2 previous books, Morrigan's Cross and Dance of the Gods. The story is about 6 people who must defeat ... Booktopia has Valley Of Silence, The Circle : Book 3 by Nora Roberts.