The Empty Nest

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Fiona Palmer
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Mothers' Day has always been a special day for Sandi, because her beloved kids spoil her rotten. But this year won't be the same. Her daughter, Gracie, has joined her brother Jack at boarding school and Sandi dreads waking up to a quiet house. Even her husband, Paul, seems distant and preoccupied with farm work. So she never could have guessed what the day has in store . . .The Empty Nestincludes an exclusive preview from Fiona Palmer's novel, The Sunnyvale Girls.

A family home inhabited by parents after their children have grown up and departed. Single parents who experience empty nest syndrome may face the absence of their child without the support Empty Nest Syndrome Symptoms. Many parents spend 18 or more years fully dedicating... On the other hand, some people experience the empty nest as a relief! This phase of life also introduces opportunities for more personal freedom, leisure time, and deepening of relationships with... Empty Nest S01E02 The Check Isn't in the Mail fiveofseven.

Empty Nest S01E05 Father of the Bride fiveofseven. The anticipation of the drastic changes the empty nest brings to your life can be far more overwhelming than the reality of living as an empty nester. Whether your children are small and the... The Empty Nest trope as used in popular culture.