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Tim Harford
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Everything we know about solving the world's problems is wrong. Out: Plans, experts and above all, leaders. In: Adapting - improvise rather than plan; fail, learn, and try again In this groundbreaking new book, Tim Harford shows how the world's most complex and important problems - including terrorism, climate change, poverty, innovation, and the financial crisis - can only be solved from the bottom up by rapid experimenting and adapting. From a spaceport in the Mojave Desert to the street battles of Iraq, from a blazing offshore drilling rig to everyday decisions in our business and personal lives, this is a handbook for surviving - and prospering - in our complex and ever-shifting world.

Student login Staff login Install Citrix Workspace Need to set up ADAPT? Student set up instructions (often foll by to) to adjust (someone or something, esp oneself) to different conditions, a new environment, etc (tr) to fit, change, or modify to suit a new or different purpose to adapt a play for use in schools Derived forms of adapt adaptable, adjective adaptability or adaptableness, noun adaptive, adjective ADAPT's vision is to make Australia & NZ more commercially competitive and productive, for us and for future generations. For nearly 10 years, we have enabled this by connecting and equipping executives with the knowledge, relationships, inspiration and tools they need to gain advantage.

Climate change adaptation action will help individuals, communities, organisations and natural systems to deal To make suitable to or fit for a specific use or situation: adapted the novel into a movie; adapted the company policy to take internet use into account. 2.