The Long Glasgow Kiss

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Craig Russell
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There are some concepts that are alien to the Glaswegian mind. Salad. Dentistry. Forgiveness. Shonky (well shonky-ish) private eye Lennox is madly in lust with the daughter of notorious Glasgow bookie and greyhound breeder 'Small Change MacFarlane'. After making a killing on what looks like a crooked race, Small Change MacFarlane is found bludgeoned to death with a bronze statue of 'Danny Boy', his previous best racer. Lennox gets drawn into the seriously shady business of dog racing as he hunts to find MacFarlane's killer. Was MacFarlane murdered by an underworld rival or was his death at the hands of someone closer to home.? Lennox thinks he knows the answer. But you wouldn't want to bet on it.

It helps that Lennox is Canadian, with his street-smarts and fighting skills honed through some of the bloodiest battles of the Second World War and black market in peace time. The Long Glasgow Kiss. BOOK DETAILS 'There are some concepts that are alien to the Glaswegian mind.

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