Mythago Wood

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Robert Holdstock
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Deep within the wildwood lies a place of myth and mystery, from which few return, and none remain unchanged. Ryhope Wood may look like a three-mile-square fenced-in wood in rural Herefordshire on the outside, but inside, it is a primeval, intricate labyrinth of trees, impossibly huge, unforgettable . . . and stronger than time itself. Stephen Huxley has already lost his father to the mysteries of Ryhope Wood. On his return from the Second World War, he finds his brother, Christopher, is also in thrall to the mysterious wood, wherein lies a realm where mythic archetypes grow flesh and blood, where love and beauty haunt your dreams, and in promises of freedom lies the sanctuary of insanity . . .Winner of the World Fantasy Award for best novel, 1985 Winner of the BSFA Award for best novel, 1985

Go To Her: Anoint Yourself With The Oil Of Witches & Remember The Medicine Of Earth - The Urban Howl. She waits there, Old Woman, stirring her pot and praying over the bones.

Author: Robert Holdstock. ISBN: 9781473205451 .