The Duchess of Malfi

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John Webster, Brian Gibbons (Editor)
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A major revision of this classic revenge tragedy. The comprehensive introduction covers recent developments in criticism and key theatre productions, as well as relating the play to other early modern tragedies. The edition gives students and teachers a reliable, annotated text and a stimulating overview of the play's context, critical perspectives and an exploration of its stage history. An invaluable resource for study and performance.

Act II, Scene 1 ... In the Duchess of Malfi, the main protagonist, the Duchess, steps beyond societal boundaries by destroying the image of herself as a powerless widow and instead recreating herself as a powerful political figure, a mother, and a wife; since society worried about giving women too much power or control, the Duchess took matters into her own hands and showed her ability to make her own decisions while still excelling at her "feminine roles" as a mother and wife. John Webster's ''The Duchess of Malfi'' is a dark and bloody tragedy that deals with issues of political corruption, class conflict, and gender. It is considered one of the great plays of the... John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi, although generally considered one of the greatest plays of the Renaissance outside of Shakespeare, is a very strange tragedy indeed.

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