Oh Behave!

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Jean Donaldson
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Winner of the 2008 AABP Multi-Media Award for Excellence - Best Dog Training Book (Books focusing on dog training issues) Winner of the 2008 DWAA Maxwell Award - Best Dog Training and Behavior Book Jean Speaks Jean Donaldson is widely recognized as one of the most influential leaders in the fields of canine behavior and dog training. Known for her rigorous scientific thinking, Jean turns her attention in her latest book to questions and issues that touch on a wide variety of topics of interest to dog professionals and enthusiasts. Readers will be challenged to think, to learn how to separate fact from myth, and evaluate the variety training methods currently being espoused in the popular media. Oh Behave! contains a series of 55 articles, grouped into six sections: Behavior, Training, Behavior Problems, Fear and Anxiety, Aggression, and Genetics and Evolution. Learn about ? Dominance: separating fact from fiction. ? The nature vs. nurture debate. ? Fixed action patterns in dog behavior. ? How to use classical conditioning in dog training. ? How the owner's personality affects the dog's behavior. ? Are you a dog mom-or dad?

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