Last Wolf

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Margaret Mayhew
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A thrilling Second World War saga - In the summer of 1936, a teenage German boy, Reinhard Richter, is sailing in his father's yacht, Sturmwind, off Scotland. Moored in an island cove, he meets Stroma Mackay and is captivated by her. He persuades her to write to him in Hamburg, and their correspondence continues until war is declared. Reinhard joins the elite U-boat service, while Stroma serves as a plotter in the WRNS, helping fight the desperate battle against marauding U-boats - the wolf packs. It seems impossible that they will ever meet again . . .

It tells the story of Robbie McLeod and an orphaned wolf cub that the boy finds and vows to take care of. On his furtive travels he finds a wolf cub, near a sign proclaiming the killing of the last wolf in Scotland. Identifying at once with the abandoned orphan, Robbie adopts the cub and a unique loyalty grows between them.

In Denmark in 1813, the nation's last wolf was shot by a ... The Last Wolf, Carouge. 128 likes · 2 talking about this.