The Psychology of Golf

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Leslie Schon
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First published in 1923 Leslie Schon's The psychology of golf was aimed at improving the readers mental game in golf. Though written many years ago now, few books have equaled this volume in explaining how the mind one of the most important areas in the game of golf and how psychological control and techniques can improve your game as much, and perhaps more, than improved physical techniques. Golf pro Leslie Schon shows, in fascinating detail, just how control of the brain game can do wonders for your golf game.

You see players all the time who have "great talent", but rarely play up to their potential. In fact it's golf psychology, or the way a player handles themselves mentally, that makes all the difference at the highest level. The world's best players can all play the shots and are all capable of going low, but it's how well they can deal with the prospect of success or failure that will determine the end result. In this article, we use powerful golf psychology techniques to keep you calm and focused on the shot in front of you.

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