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In an age when international travel is as easy as it is unsettling, people need a variety of skills to cope with the unknown. Simple country-specific information about a destination is not enough. You need cultural competence as well as a clear understanding of your own tolerance for risk. Travel Wise offers insight and practical advice to help you adopt the right attitude, the right training and the right approach for a successful journey. Travel Wise is about much more than security. Ray Leki has worked with tens of thousands of travelers-students, workers, negotiators, soldiers, diplomats, plant managers and tourists-helping to increase their chances for success in their missions. Before you pack your bags, use the Travel Wise Model to learn what kind of a traveler you are, what resources and limitations you carry with you, how clear you are about your mission and what you are willing to risk to achieve your goal. Whether you are in corporate security or human resources, whether you run a study abroad program or an international NGO, whether you are a businessperson, a student-or traveling for the sheer enjoyment of experiencing the world- Travel Wise will help you stay safe, savvy and secure wherever you go.

Other Uses for Travel-Wise: Pick up and drop off at any private airport in the continental United States ... Travelwise . Travelwise is an innovative programme to make school travel safer, healthier and more fun.

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