Terror at the Talent Show

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Marcus Emerson
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My name is Chase Cooper, and this is my fifth diary as a 6th grade ninja. The best part about my new ninja lifestyle is that there's never a dull moment... unfortunately, that's the worst part about it too. There's a big talent show on Friday (and my cousin, Zoe, is in charge) and everything seemed cool until someone set a wild animal loose and trashed part of the stage during rehearsal. The good news is the stage can be fixed before the show - the bad news is the kid who damaged it is still on the loose and is expected to strike again. As if that isn't enough, I've also got to deal with some new ninjas, an ugly moose costume, and a missing bird. So yeah, my week's pretty booked. Now I'm racing against the clock in what's proving to be one of my most challenging tasks yet.

- 9781760295592 - QBD Books - Buy Online for Better Range and Value. It's been one disaster after another lately, and things aren't slowing down.

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