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Cathy Kelly
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A collection of six of Cathyâ??s brilliant novels: SOMEONE LIKE YOU, WHAT SHE WANTS, JUST BETWEEN US, BEST OF FRIENDS, ALWAYS AND FOREVER, PAST SECRETSSOMEONE LIKE YOU: They all just want one thing in life â?" and then theyâ??ll be truly happy. But sometimes, when you wish will all your heart for a dream to come true, you risk destroying the happiness within your reach.WHAT SHE WANTS: Do you know what youâ??ll be doing next year? Nicole, Virginia, Hope and Sam all thought they did. But they were all wrong. When life changes suddenly for each of these four women, they have to look deep inside themselves to discover what they really want in order to survive the turmoil.JUST BETWEEN US: Friends this good are hard to findâ?¦ Sowhatâ??s the secret of the fabulous Miller girls? And are they strong enough to deal with the truth about their golden lives?BEST OF FRIENDS: Good times or bad, friends are always thereâ?¦ So when tragedy strikes, it rocks the small town of Dunmore. Drawn together in their sadness, four women suddenly realize what is important â?" life is for living and they must grab it with both hands.ALWAYS AND FOREVER: Fairy godmothers do exist, even in the tranquil hills of Ireland. Carrickwell, nestled in the shadows of Mount Carraig, is an ancient, magical place. And when Leah, a woman with her own secret turmoil, opens the Clouds Hill spa, Mel, Daisy and Cleo are thrown together â?" and find the courage to discover what really matters to them, always and foreverâ?¦PAST SECRETS: Behind the shining windows and rose-bedecked gardens of Summer Street, there are lots of secrets. But if you keep a secret too long and it will creep out when you least expect itâ?¦

English. Published [New York, NY]: Harper, 2017.

$34.99 . Ratings and Book Reviews (3 ... Cathy Kelly 6-Book Collection: Someone Like You, What She Wants, Just Between Us, Best of Friends, Always and Forever, Past Secrets.