A Streetcar Named Desire

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Tennessee Williams
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Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire is the tale of a catastrophic confrontation between fantasy and reality, embodied in the characters of Blanche DuBois and Stanley Kowalski.'I have always depended on the kindness of strangers'Fading southern belle Blanche DuBois is adrift in the modern world. When she arrives to stay with her sister Stella in a crowded, boisterous corner of New Orleans, her delusions of grandeur bring her into conflict with Stella's crude, brutish husband Stanley Kowalski. Eventually their violent collision course causes Blanche's fragile sense of identity to crumble, threatening to destroy her sanity and her one chance of happiness.Tennessee Williams's steamy and shocking landmark drama, recreated as the immortal film starring Marlon Brando, is one of the most influential plays of the twentieth century.This Penguin Modern Classics edition includes an introduction by Arthur Miller.'Lyrical and poetic and human and heartbreaking and memorable and funny'Francis Ford Coppola, director of The Godfather'One of the greatest American plays'Observer

The year is 1947—the same year in which the play was written. All of the action of "A Streetcar Named Desire" takes place on the first floor of a two-bedroom apartment. About A Streetcar Named Desire; Character List; Summary and Analysis; Scene 1; Scene 2; Scene 3; Scene 4; Scene 5; Scene 6; Scene 7; Scene 8; Scene 9; Scene 10; Scene 11; Character Analysis; Blanche DuBois; Stanley Kowalski; Stella Kowalski; Harold Mitchell (Mitch) Tennessee Williams Biography; Study Help; Essay Questions; Quiz ; Cite this Literature Note; Character Analysis Blanche DuBois ... A Streetcar Named Desire is a 1951 American drama film, with elements of film noir, an adaptation of Tennessee Williams' Pulitzer Prize-winning 1947 play of the same name.

A Streetcar Named Desire is a well educated book for grade 12 students as it offers many learning experiences. This play gives insight into the harsh reality of what gender roles use to be, also the play A Streetcar Named Desire emphasizes on the current issue of domestic violence.