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Rukmini Iyer
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The Roasting Tin is a deliciously simple concept: fresh, easy ingredients, five minutes prep, and let the oven do the work. Like one-pot dinners but using the oven rather than the hob, this is convenience cooking without scrimping on flavour or health. It is for anyone who:- wants to eat quick, tasty and interesting dinners, with little more effort than opening a ready-meal. - wants to eat nutritious food made from scratch that fits around their busy lives. - does not like washing up! From chicken traybakes to supergrains to puddings, these one-dish recipes cover the gamut of delicious dinners. And once you have mastered the concept there are handy infographics for each chapter so you can create your own recipes. From chipotle chicken with sweet potato wedges, coriander and lime yoghurt to salmon à la pesto with giant couscous, watercress and lemon, these recipes are quick, clever and incredibly delicious.

Delivering Roasts to your home. From Passion and Soul Food.

The concept is simple- fresh, easy ingredients, a few minutes prep, and let the oven do the work. Each chapter also includes a helpful infographic for how to build you own roasting tin dinner using whatever is in your fridge tonight.