Pawn in Frankincense

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Dorothy Dunnett
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Before George R. R. Martin there was Dorothy Dunnett . . .PERFECT for fans of A Game of Thrones.'She is a brilliant story teller, The Lymond Chronicles will keep you reading late into the night, desperate to know the fate of the characters you have come to care deeply about.' The Times Literary SupplementPawn in Frankincense is the fourth book in the series -----------------------------'It seems to me that on the whole we run more risks with Mr Crawford's protection than without it . . .'It is 1552 and the royal galley Dauphine, under the command of Francis Crawford of Lymond, sails the glittering but dangerous Mediterranean looking for a lost son. Yet as the search grows more urgent, Lymond knows he is being drawn deeper into the intricate web of his enemy Gabriel, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St John, who is already weaving a subtle tapestry of revenge.It is a journey that will lead Lymond to Constantinople and the court of Suleiman the Magnificent where a terrible game will be played with deadly and incalculable consequences . . .'Marvellous, breathtaking' The Times'Melodrama of the most magnificent kind' The Guardian

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