The Crusades

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Professor Jonathan Riley-Smith
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The Crusades: A History is the definitive account of a key topic in medieval and religious history. Jonathan Riley-Smith, a world authority on the subject, explores the organisation of a crusade, the experience of crusading and the crusaders themselves, producing a textbook that is as accessible as it is comprehensive. This exciting new third edition includes: - Substantial new material on crusade theory, historiography and translated texts - An expanded scope that extends the text to cover the decline of crusading in the nineteenth century - Valuable pedagogical features, such as a revised bibliography, maps, illustrations and a brand new chronology This book is essential reading for all students and scholars seeking to understand the Crusades and their significance in world history.

This was the only truly successful Crusade. Sugar, lemon, glass mirrors .

When the Crusades began, knights and lords began mortgaging and selling their lands to fund their expeditions. Thousands squandered this money ... The crusades are a series of misunderstood events through history.