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A brigade was formed in 1944 as part of the British Army and fought with distinction in Italy. It was the first all Jewish 'army', and knowledge of its existence and its role in defeating the Nazis gave an immense boost to Jews everywhere. After the war the brigade helped Jewish refugees beat the British blockade of Palestine. Having fought in the War, author Morris Beckman was the founder member of the 43 Group of Jewish ex-servicemen who attacked and destroyed Mosley's emergent Fascist party in a protracted campaign in the late 1940s.

It was the first all Jewi... The final weeks of World War II. His Majesty's Jewish Brigade - the only all-Jewish fighting unit in the war - goes into combat against the hated Nazis...and comes away victorious.

It was formed in late 1944 and was recruited among Yishuv Jews from Mandatory Palestine and commanded by Anglo-Jewish officers. The Jewish Infantry Brigade Group (more commonly known as the Jewish Brigade Group or Jewish Brigade) was a military formation of the British Army that served in Europe during the Second World War. The brigade was formed in late 1944, and its personnel fought the Germans in Italy. The Jewish Brigade Group was the only military unit to serve in World War II in the British Army — and, in fact — in all the Allied forces — as an independent, national Jewish military formation.