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Jeanette Winterson
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These interlocking essays uncover art as an active force in the world - neither elitist or remote, present to those who want it, affecting even those who don't. Winterson's own passionate vision of art is presented here, provocatively and personally, in pieces on Modernism, autobiography, style, painting, the future of fiction, in two essays on Virginia Woolf, and more intimately in pieces where she describes her relationship to her work and the books that she loves.

Art, all art is the communication cord that cannot be snapped by indifference or disaster. Against the daily death it does not die. Art Objects were a Bristol-based post-punk band who later evolved into the Blue Aeroplanes.

The quality of the draughtsmanship, the brush strokes in thin oils, had a Renaissance beauty, but ... Art & Object is a fine art news magazine that brings readers the latest art news and most important art stories. Its mission is to inform collectors and drive the conversation about art. Art Images Gallery - Norwood SA.