The Sky So Heavy

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Claire Zorn
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This haunting dystopian novel thrillingly and realistically looks at a nuclear winter from an Australian perspective.For Fin it’s just like any other day—racing for the school bus, bluffing his way through class, and trying to remain cool in front of the most sophisticated girl in his universe. Only it’s not like any other day because, on the other side of the world, nuclear missiles are being detonated. When Fin wakes up the next morning, it’s dark, bitterly cold, and snow is falling. There’s no internet, no phone, no TV, no power, and no parents. Nothing Fin’s learned in school could have prepared him for this. With his parents missing and dwindling food and water supplies, Fin and his younger brother Max must find a way to survive all on their own. When things are at their most desperate, where can you go for help?

Mail The Sky So Heavy is a starkly sobering story that exposes the horrors of nuclear warfare and the enduring power of love, family and friendship. THEMES Family and Friendship: Fin will go to any lengths to protect his brother Max.

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