The Hungry Years

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William Leith
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'Hunger is the loudest voice in my head. I'm hungry most of the time' One January morning in 2003, William Leith woke up to the fattest day of his life. That same day he left London for New York to interview controversial diet guru Dr Robert Atkins. What started out as a routine assignment set Leith on an intensely personal and illuminating journey into the mysteries of hunger and addiction. The Hungry Years charts new territory for anyone who has ever had a craving or counted a calorie. This story of food, fat, and addiction will change the way you look at food for ever.

also recorded by neil sedaka, frank sinatra, johnny m... written by Sedaka/Greenfield, 1975.Lyrics:Girl we made it to the topWe went so high we couldn't stopWe climbed the ladder leading us nowhereTwo of us togethe... a very beautiful classic song from the 70's yet so heartbreaking The Hungry Years - geeeez- It was my home too from the first time I sneaked out of the boarding school toilet window and joined some day boys from school, that was it, I was hooked. Where do you start, I had highs (LOL) and lows there.

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