Broken Ties

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Zenina Masters
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Ibbi is on the run. She broke from her family and disappeared into the stars. The current world she lives on wants her to use her talent as a seer, but it will be akin to putting a target on her back. With no option, she attends the governor's ball with one goal, to help the Asku meet local virgins of appropriate age. She had no idea that she would meet the man she wanted to link minds with and so much more. The woman in the scarlet dress takes Dreynar's breath away and as she spends the evening at his side his admiration for the seer grows, as does his appreciation for the form that contains her razor-sharp mind. She will be his, but can her sight make it clear before he has to choose for her?

A gigantic rift cracked open in the sky. The rift appeared right above the Spirit Pagoda's headquarters.

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