Elementary Vietnamese, Third Edition

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Binh Nhu Ngo Ph.D.
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This is a complete Vietnamese language course designed for college or high school–level classroom use or self–study.Since its publication in 1998, Elementary Vietnamese has become the leading book for anyone wishing to learn Vietnamese, and an invaluable resource for people traveling, studying or working in Vietnam. This beginner Vietnamese book was originally developed for classroom use at Harvard University, where it has been field-tested for many years. This revised Third Edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect recent developments in Vietnamese speech patterns and culture over the past decade.The main focus of Elementary Vietnamese is to assist learners in developing basic skills in listening, speaking, writing and reading the language. It serves a secondary function as a general introduction to modern Vietnamese society and culture, with dialogues, cultural notes, exercises and readings drawn from contemporary life and popular media there. Elementary Vietnamese is designed for effective self-study as well as for use in a college-level classroom.Features of the Third Edition include: Many hours of new downloadable audio recordings by native Vietnamese speakers. Innovative pronunciation drills to help you to achieve near-native pronunciation ability. New usage examples, cultural notes, and exercises along with photos showing life in Vietnam today. A guide for instructors ("New Edition Notes") detailing changes made in the Third Edition.The downloadable audio recordings which accompany this ebook are of native Vietnamese speakers. These recordings cover: All dialogues, narratives and vocabulary. Grammar and usage notes. Everyday Vietnamese idioms and expressions. A unique set of pronunciation drills to help you speak like a native and . Commonly-used proverbs, to help you speak and understand colloquial Vietnamese.

Since its publication in 1998, Elementary Vietnamese has become the leading book for anyone ... Elementary Vietnamese, Third Edition: Moi ban noi tieng Viet. Elementary Vietnamese, Third Edition Moi ban noi tieng Viet. Let's Speak Vietnamese.

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