The Voices Project 2016

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Bangura et al., Yarrie
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ATYP's annual production of seven-minute monologues for seventeen-year-old actors has changed the landscape for young writers and performers in Australia. Since the program was established in 2011 the Voices Project has supported the professional development of more than 120 young playwrights, resulted in six publications by Currency Press, instigated ten short films, been broadcast on ABC Radio National and performed by schools, youth theatres and independent companies in every Australian state and territory. The films and online resources have received more than 1 million views worldwide. *'The air seems to shift. A stark black crow dives down... Out of sight. The light's changing, we should have left by now.' But all good things must come to an end. This final season explores the theme of departures. Always surprising, tender, shocking and funny, the Voices Project has given a generation of young Australians monologues that speak their language. It's always sad to say goodbye.*

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