The Castle of Llyr

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Lloyd Alexander
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Master Dallben has decided it is time for Eilonwy, daughter of the House of Llyr, to learn to behave like a proper princess. He sends her away to the Isle of Mona but instead of training in the art of being a lady, Eilonwy falls into the hands of the evil enchantress, Achren, who wants to use Eilonwy's magical powers for her own ends. Taran and his companions must rescue the princess or the peaceful land of Prydain will face a fearful future. Their quest is a perilous one and demands bravery and sacrifice, but it also promises adventure, excitement and a touch of magic. The third book in Lloyd Alexander's classic fantasy epic The Chronicles of Prydain. "Lloyd Alexander is the true High King of fantasy." - Garth Nix

Try As such, this third volume of the series "The Castle of Llyr," concerns Taran's developing feelings for his friend and companion Princess Elionwy, who is being sent to the Isle of Mona in order to become a proper lady. The enchanter Dallben, with whom the young people live with, has himself ordered it. The Castle of Llyr is the third book in Lloyd Alexander's classic fantasy epic The Chronicles of Prydain.

Taran continues his adventures and encounters new friends and old enemies. The Castle of Llyr by Lloyd Alexander, Book Three in The Chronicles of Prydain Princess Eilonwy hates to leave her friend Taran, Assistant Pig-Keeper, and her beloved home, Caer Dallben. Why does she have to go to the Isle of Mona to train as a proper lady when she's already a princess? But Eilonwy soon faces much more than the ordeal of becoming a dignified young maiden, for she possesses ... Castle of Llyr CHAPTER ONEPrince RhunE ilonwy of the red-gold hair, the Princess Eilonwy Daughter of Angharad Daughter of Regat of the Royal House of Llyr, was leaving Caer Dallben. Book Review: The Castle of Llyr The third book in Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain, The Castle of Llyr finds Taran and Eilonwy about to set off on a journey.