The Triumph of the Dwarves

The Triumph of the Dwarves - Markus Heitz, Sheelagh Alabaster (Translator) | PDF, TXT, FB2. EPUB. MOBI. The book was written on 2021. Look for a book on


Markus Heitz, Sheelagh Alabaster (Translator)
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Germany's Number One bestselling author returns to his best-loved series; the Dwarves and the Aelfar are facing annihilation at the hands of a new enemy in the fifth adventure: 'Tolkien with a dash of Gemmell and a sprinkling of George R.R. Martin' Malazan Empire).After decades of occupation by the Aelfar, the dark elves have been defeated and peace has finally been declared between the Dwarves, dark Elves and Humans. Girdlegard is at rest and Ingrimmsch is now Great King of the Dwarves. Although he mourns Tungdil Goldenhand, he is still not convinced the scholar is dead. But the nations still distrust each other, even now, and when a child who is able to speak the language of the Älfar, the dark elves, is found in the Grey Mountains, the Dwarves believe this little girl heralds a new threat. And they will be right - just not in the way they thought.A small delegation of dwarves is sent to search for Tungdil Goldhand - but he is about to surprise everyone, for he has survived his mission to the terrifying realm of Phondrason. But is he truly the legendary Hero of the Dwarves, or an impostor at the heart of a deeper conspiracy? And does he realise that the fiends from Phondrason themselves are not far behind . . . ?The action never lets up in this next exciting story in the saga of the Dwarves and the Aelfar!

The Revenge of the Dwarves (The Dwarves, 3) by ... The Triumph of the Dwarves by Markus Heitz. Series: Dwarves (5), Zwerge / Albae chronologisch (9) Members: Reviews: Popularity: Average rating: Conversations: 56: 1: 355,194 (4.25) None: The Dwarves are back! Germany's Number One bestselling author returns to his best-loved series.

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