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Prakash K Sivanathan, Niranjala M Ellawala
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Feather-light hoppers, fiery sambols, subtly spiced curries and unique 'vada' (fried snacks) come together in this definitive collection of Sri Lanka's most authentic and vibrant recipes. As Sri Lanka is being rediscovered a travel destination, its varied cuisine is also under the spotlight. As well as absorbing influences from India, the Middle East, Far East Asia and myriad European invaders, the small island also has strong Singhalese and Tamil cooking traditions and this cookbook brings these styles together to showcase the best of the country's culinary heritage. Dig into 100 recipes that celebrate the island's wonderful ingredients, from okra and jackfruit to coconut and chillies, and explore its culture through original travel photography of the country, its kitchens and its people.

The four leaves represents Karuna, Meththa, Muditha and Upeksha. The orange stripe ... Sri Lanka Navy handed over a stock of protective visors to the staff of the Teaching Hospital-Anuradhapura, for the use of medical staff engaged in treatments to the patients, on 22nd April 2020....

Air Travel; See all » USD USD ... Sri Lanka is the teardrop island off the southern tip of India. An island of spices, famous tea, high mountain peaks, roaming elephants, colourful festivals, sacred monuments, delicious cuisine and welcoming people.