Pure Balance

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Clare Evans
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Todays world is hectic and stressful. Many people feel a lack of control in their lives. People can get so caught up in the surface aspects of their lives, they forget about the inside. They dont listen to their bodies telling them to slow down, eat better, get some exercise, and nurture their spiritual lives. A quick, downward spiral can result.So what can you do to heal your physical health and bring balance to your life? Author Clare Evans Pure Balance: Your Simple Guide to Self- Healing, Growth, and Empowerment for Optimal Health and Wellbeing is a spiritual and practical guidebook for anyone seeking healing and balance in their lives. A cancer survivor, the author helps you discover that a balanced approach to healingwith both Eastern and Western traditionsoften results in the most positive outcomes for physical health and spiritual, emotional, and psychological wellness. With interactive, engaging, pragmatic sections that invite the reader to chronicle their paths, as well as philosophical, therapeutic discussions about the mind, soul, and body, the author offers a wellspring of encouragement and advice for those on the journey toward health and healing.In Pure Balance youll learn techniques to be healthy and feel love, peace, and happiness every day. Youll learn to love yourself, experience wellbeing, and best of all, enjoy life.

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