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Based on a seldom-told true story, this novel is perfect for everyone who is fascinated by Britain’s royal family—a behind the scenes look into the nurseries of little princes and the foibles of big princes.April, 1897: A young nanny arrives at Sandringham, ancestral estate of the Duke and Duchess of York. She is excited, exhausted—and about to meet royalty. . . .So begins the unforgettable story of Charlotte Bill, who would care for a generation of royals as their parents never could. Neither Charlotte—LaLa, as her charges dub her—nor anyone else can predict that eldest sons David and Bertie will each one day be king. LaLa knows only that these children, and the four who swiftly follow, need her steadfast loyalty and unconditional affection.But the greatest impact on Charlotte’s life is made by a mere bud on the family tree: a misunderstood soul who will one day be known as the Lost Prince. Young Prince John needs all of Lala’s love—the kind of love his parents won’t…or can’t…show him.From Britain’s old wealth to the glittering excesses of Tsarist Russia; from country cottages to royal yachts, and from nursery to ballroom, Charlotte Bill witnesses history. The Royal Nanny is a seamless blend of fact and fiction—an intensely intimate, yet epic tale spanning decades, continents, and divides that only love can cross.

But, she introduced a fictional character and made him too instrumental to the real events that actually took place. Not to mention, the author made suppositions about Charlotte Bill's heart and desires. Royal nanny Maria Borrallo is banned from saying THIS one word in the palace The Royal family are perhaps one of the most famous in the world and with the pressure of living in a global spotlight, comes a strict set of rules and restrictions. The Scottish governess, known lovingly as "Crawfie" was seen as the most loyal member of the royal family's staff.

I am now reading a novel about Tatiana, the second oldest of Czar Nicholas's daughters, and the historical facts in the current novel align precisely with those presented in "The Royal Nanny." This, to me, is one ... Meghan Markle fans' fury after shock claim royal nanny 'leaves after two weeks' emerges MEGHAN MARKLE, the Duchess of Sussex's first weeks as mother of baby Archie are proving to be a challenging... Jan 9, 2021 - Explore geekyroyalaficionado heavyisth's board "the royal nanny", followed by 128 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about nanny, royal, lady in waiting. The Royal Nanny is a well written historical fiction account of a loyal, compassionate young woman who devoted her life to the care of a royal familie's children.