A Life's Work

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Rachel Cusk
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When first published in 2001, it divided female critics and readers. Onefamous columnist wrote a piece demanding that Cusk's children weretaken into care, that was she was unfit to look after them. OprahWinfrey invited her on the show to defend herself and the book asprotests grew about the its honest, gritty account of the misery ofthose early months. It is a seminal, stand-out book on the complicationsof being an ambivalent mum in an age of white-washed, Annabel Karmel'dnew families.

Clinical Psychologist Dr ... "The definitive book of the 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers" (Scott Brown, ESPN), Their Life's Work is a triumphant yet intimate literary sports book that—through exquisite reportage, love, and honesty—tells the full story of the best team to ever play the game. The Pittsburgh Steelers of the 1970s won an unprecedented and unmatched four Super Bowls in six years. Resolving to ditch the dressing gown is a small but powerful tool to help divide personal-life you from work-life you.

And that's the great thing about working ... shout out to parents maintaining a healthy work-life balance since last year 🏾 one of my clients kids just joined a zoom call earlier this morning and decided she wasn't leaving until mom ... King Bhumibol Adulyadej: A Life's Work also includes insightful chapters on the often-misunderstood institutions that support the crown - the Crown Property Bureau and Privy Council - as well as essays on the controversial lèse-majesté law and the issue of succession. Previous page.