The Truth About The Dukan Diet

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Dr Alvaro Campillo Soto
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The millions of people around the world who have lost weight on the Dukan Diet are evangelical about its effectiveness, yet others condemn it as unhealthy way of eating that can do long-term damage. So which is true? Now you can make your own mind up by reading The Truth About The Dukan Diet which is written by a Spanish doctor who is an expert in researching nutrition and obesity. With no connection to Dr Dukan but with a professional interest in the area, Dr Alvaro Campillo Soto was shocked by the bad science, misinformation and inaccuracies he saw repeated in the media by so-called experts. So incensed was he that he set out to look at the diet scientifically and get to the truth about the claims and counter-claims that were being made. Using a simple question and answer format, Dr Alvaro addresses all the questions people ask about Dukan such as, 'Is it dangerous not to eat fruit for the first two stages of the diet? Does the diet cause cancer? Are there any side effects? Does eating 3 or 4 eggs a day raise cholesterol? Am I going to lose muscle mass by following the diet?' Written in an accessible way but based on the latest scientific knowledge and research from around the world, The Truth About Dukan is a fascinating read for anyone who wants to sort the fact from the fiction and understand why Dukan is such an effective way to lose weight.

There are four different phases in the Dukan Diet. You have different menu choices in each of these phases.

The recipes available in most Dukan diet books are based around the following groups ; Appetizers, first course meal, main course meal, beverages, grains, whole grain bread, and low sugar desserts. Cutting carbohydrates from meals was once hailed as the answer to fast track weight loss. The Atkins, Dukan and South Beach diets all eschewed bread, potatoes and pasta in favour of loading up on protein sources like bacon and eggs.