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Gregg Hurwitz
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The third novel in the gripping Tim Rackley series from the internationally bestselling author, Gregg Hurwitz. The leader of one of the country's most violent biker gangs, Den Laurey, should have been behind bars. But thanks to a daring escape on the LA freeway, several US marshals are dead and Laurey is riding free. Rackley, back on the Service's warrant squad, is in hot pursuit of the outlaw and his ruthless gang with a media whirlwind and the entire Los Angeles law-enforcement community driving him. Just when Laurey is within his grasp, circumstances force Rackley to let him go with devastating results. A few miles up the road, a sheriff's deputy is attacked: Tim's pregnant wife, Dray. Driven by guilt, Tim vows to hunt Laurey down. With the stakes rising, Tim must unravel a horrifying secret and confront a deadly terror that reaches from the back alleys of Mexico to the poppy fields of Afghanistan . . . and threatens to explode on the dark streets of LA.

2. A mediator skilled in settling disputes especially of a diplomatic, political, or industrial nature. noun a person with special skill in resolving disputes, impasses, etc., as in business, national, or international affairs: a diplomatic troubleshooter in the Middle East.

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