The Laying On Of Hands

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Alan Bennett
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Clive Dunlop was a masseur of exceptional talents. His 'services' were much in demand amongst the great and the good and after his untimely death at the age of 34 they -- the film stars and politicians, the writers and publishers, the TV pundits and celebrity chefs -- are gathered for his memorial service. The conduct of the service is a great worry for the priest taking the service, but it proves to be a test for the congregation. This is Alan Bennett at his absolute best with an exceptional satire. It is a perfect work of fiction but it will give readers the extra frisson of pleasure of identifying many of the characters, including even the masseur. This is a small masterpiece.

Learn more about a church that practices the laying on of hands. When you, as a Spirit-filled believer, lay your hands on someone, the power of God goes out of you and into the person you're touching. The same resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead resides in every Spirit-filled person.

5:22). Ordination isn't the only reason to lay hands on someone, though.