Baby Makes A Match

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Arlene James
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Stranded at a truck stop alone and in trouble, pregnant Bethany Carter desperately needs a ride to Buffalo Creek. Then along comes Chandler Chatam, a cowboy with a bad–boy smile and a heart of gold. But when they get to Chatam House, Chandler's three maiden aunts assume he's the father! Chandler's honored to care for Bethany and her unborn child. Problem is, the more time he spends with sweet Bethany, the more he wishes he truly were the father––and her husband. What's a rodeo cowboy to do but lasso the lady into his arms?

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I love these books and the Aunts as much as the stories are very interesting to read about. Bethany has had a very bad deal her whole life it seems and it was great to see things going her way finally in this story.