Investigations in the Workplace

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Eugene F. Ferraro, T.J. MacGinley, Ban Seng Choo
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The process of investigation is dynamic and fluid. The approach must be reasonable and the investigator flexible. However, in order to be successful, every investigation must have a meaningful purpose and be executed ethically and lawfully. Inevitably, employers must invest time, money, and patience to ensure they obtain demonstrable and actionable results. To achieve this and reduce the exposure to unnecessary business disruptions and litigation, every workplace investigation must by driven by process.Investigations in the Workplace, Second Edition provides both novice and experienced investigators with the most insightful and useful information available on the methods and processes for the proper and safe investigation of workplace crime and misconduct. Gleaned from Eugene Ferraro's nearly three decades of experience, the book is designed for easy reading and use-dispelling common myths and presenting new approaches, methods, and strategies.Revised and updated with more methods, techniques, and case studies, this powerful book also includes new diagrams, checklists, and visuals to help readers put the material in context and make their investigations soar. Each chapter begins with Key Learning Points and is supplemented with boxed Tips, Traps, and Common Mistakes. An exhaustive appendix includes a glossary of common investigative terms, sample surveillance and investigative reports, advice on digital evidence, and more.Investigations in the Workplace, Second Edition is a must-read for corporate investigators and security professionals, human resources and law enforcement personnel, attorneys, and anyone else tasked with conducting or supervising workplace investigations.Immediate Benefits:Strengthen your interviewing skills and gain valuable insight into the process of modern fact-findingLearn the latest techniques, methods and processesDiscover how to build air-tight cases that can withstand the rigors of legal challenges Learn to conduct fast, efficient investigations and obtain the highest possible return on investment from every investigation.Get access to forms, checklists and other valuable tools to help you conduct efficient and professional investigations

Conducting HR investigations may be undertaken when: An employee lodges a complaint. An overview of each step of a Workplace Investigation Process is provided below. This article should not be relied on as a complete step-by-step guide on how to conduct workplace investigations.

The ... The Australasian Association of Workplace Investigators (AAWI) is a professional membership association for lawyers, human resource professionals, private investigators, psychologists, risk and compliance managers, in house legal counsel and many others who conduct, manage or have a professional interest in impartial workplace investigations. AAWI is a chapter of the Association of Workplace ... Investigations are a vital - but difficult - part of workplace management.