Furries Furever

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Jared Hodges, Lindsay Cibos
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Draw Fascinating Furries! There's so much to explore in the world of furries, from flamboyant costumes to spectacular hair styles to unforgettable expressions and poses--it's all here! The authors of Draw Furries and Draw More Furries have taken drawing these fantastical creatures to a whole other level--covering all of the bases. Immerse yourself in multiple easy-to-draw lessons and discover different coloring techniques, learn how to create realistic fur and scales and develop the skills to go about creating your own personal fursona! The possibilities are limitless when making these amazing anthropomorphic characters, so join Lindsay and Jared as they take you to the next level of your furtastic journey! • Jam-packed with 25 step-by-step demonstrations to help you create a wide array of furries, ranging from slinky scalies to a modern day sphinx • Loaded with a variety of different styles and techniques from contributing artists as they take you on a journey through their artistic processes • Learn how to create a furry from start to finish, delving deeper into designing a personal wardrobe, exploring the perfect background for your characters and so much more

Furries Furever!!! ( 13 ... i recently bought the furries furever book at Half Price Books, and i love ur work!!! it's helped me draw furries, and ur paint tool sai coloring tactics are super helpful!! i'm definitely watching you. this pic is actually one of my faves from you!! Reply.

So happy to finally get to share this art! This is one of a few illustrations I did for an upcoming furry art tutorial book called "Furries Furever", the third in a series published by IMPACT and put together by Lindsay Cibos and Jared Hodges. The 128 page full color book features art by myself and ... Books related to Furries Furever.